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Horhay is the phonetic form to say Jorge.

Jorge Ruiz ( Horhaydesign ) is a Spanish muralist, sign painter and lettering artist based in Dublin, Ireland.

His work is colourful, bold and positive. He works with a bright and vibrant colour palette, enhanced by contrasting colour choices and tones. Through his work, Jorge seeks to create a positive impact to the spectators, all the while demonstrating multiple perspectives, and brightening every space.


Nature is a main inspiration of Jorge’s work. He connects with this theme through the techniques of futurism, impressionism and pointillism.  By distilling the subject in this way, he brings into focus the importance of colours and textures in a new and imaginative way.


Lettering is also an important aspect of Jorge’s work. His message and style are infused with positivity, playfulness and fun. This work mainly manifests in large-scale murals, street art and sign painting around the streets of Dublin.


Over the past six years, Jorge has painted a wide array of commercial and non commercial  murals for companies such a Zalando, Jameson and Absolut. He also works with local businesses to create positive environments that help them grow.


He regularly collaborates with schools and youth centres, where he delivers workshops to children and young adults from a wide range of backgrounds. Through these workshops, he tries to impart a holistic approach to making art, and offer new and inclusive perspectives of the world.


His current practice draws from many disciplines, including murals, lettering design and calligraphy.

I am always interested in new challenges so get in touch if you have any projects I can help you with.



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